Ideos, comprising 24 units of freehold semi-detached factories and 6 units of contemporary Showroom offices, is the new breed of Corporate Industrial-cum Business Park to have emerged from the Malaysia property market.  Define by sleek, ultra-modern looks and cool functionality, it veers off from conventionalities and opens up possibilities in operational space for a working environment that is completely unique, yet uniquely complete.  Whether for stowing away merchandise or merely inviting clients over for business meetings, it is sure to optimize the efficiency of your operation while leaving a distinctive impression on anyone who sets foot in it.
Although Ideos is stylish by design, it still retains a corporate and commercial look in assuring your company projects a professional image at all times.  Through meticulous care in the design concept and scrutiny through every detail, its difference in beauty is clear just by appearance alone.  When cutting-edge contemporary spaces surround you, the reflection of exquisite taste is not only directed on you but everyone around you and this marks the beginning of an illustrious career.